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Consultative Sales Approach to Solving Business Problems

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Agile Product Management


Growth Hacker

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Growth Hacker

Find out how I can help you increase revenue and grow your business today.

I have 30+ years of experience in IT and online software with a proven track record of growing sales, improving processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. I use a data-driven approach to understand issues and identify key areas for growth that deliver impactful results. I have a unique blend of business analytics, technology, marketing, and sales experience, providing a well-rounded approach to help your business succeed.

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Solutions Engineer

Working Together to Find The Right Fit.
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Marketing Collateral

B to C Marketing Videos For Online Advertising.
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Revenue Enhancing Products

Agile Product Management for Online Media Companies.
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Grow Your Traffic

SEO, SMO, SEM and Email Marketing to Reach Your Target Audience
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Grow Your Business

Take a deep dive into your numbers to understand your past performance and create new metrics to guide your future with data driven decisions.
Let's talk about how I can help you achieve your goals today.
“Joy is absolutely phenomenal. She is very smart, gets results, deeply committed to clients and her company, very personable...the list really does not stop.”
- Ira Silberstein - from The New York Times - via LinkedIn

Agile Product Management

New Product Development That Adds Value to You and The Customer.
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Training On A budget

Tips for a successful training program, even on a budget.
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Race To The Finish

Lessons learned on the slopes that apply to the real world.
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True Heros Are All Around Us

hy Hiring a Veteran is One of The Smartest Investments You Can Make.
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Are Migrant Workers Taking Your Job?

Immigrant Workers are the US's Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
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Why Can't We Just Get Along?

what did I get myself into?
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Reducing Migration Risk

Reviewing data that is available and finding alternative ways to abstract data is essential for a successful migration.
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The New York Times Motors

"...most aggressive build project I have ever done..."
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Managing By The Numbers

Keeping Your Focus on The Big Picture.
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Solving Business Problems

See how I have helped other solve their business challenges with creative solutions.
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