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Joy Hanawa

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My objective in any company is to increase profitability. I am a "data-diva" who uses information and key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify and assess where improvements can be made. Sales and marketing are obvious areas for analysis, however even re-engineering internal processes can significantly improve the bottom line by reducing time to respond, improving client satisfaction and reducing employee turnover. Often new technology is available to replace and improve an old process that the team simply did not know existed. My 30 years of experience allows me to pull from various disciplines to create new solutions that make businesses run better.

Creative to the Core

Innovation is critical for business success. In my career, I have built entirely new product lines that have saved companies during the recent recession by providing alternative revenue streams. I have created prototypes in a matter of days and negotiated multi-million dollar contracts for these prototypes. I have re-engineered entire sales processes turning around failing divisions to envied profit centers. I have created training programs and training materials for online products and for sales teams, including going on three legged sales calls. If I see that something needs to be done, or fixed, I find a solution. I am happiest when I am solving business challenges with creative new solutions.

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Teamwork Is The Only Way To Win

I have managed many people by coaching them to success. I have always looked at what my team's strengths are and tapped into those core skills and expanded on them. When building a team I evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and fill open roles with complimentary skills so that each member of the team knows the importance of what they add to our group as a whole. We work with mutual respect and we have a lot of fun doing it. Please check my recommendations on LinkedIn to see what people have to say about working with me.



Recent Highlights

This is a draft marketing video I produced for a client to promote a new product that I defined and created. This product line provided a new SMO product, revitalizing a fading product line. [Trademarks are owners of the respective companies' and not mine.]

  • Achieved > 200% YOY growth reversing a loss of 50% from prior year in first year, repeated growth second year.
  • Implemented new market analysis process for entire sales team.
  • Redesigned all sales collateral.
  • Created from concept to deployment new responsive design corporate website.
  • Devised new standards for client communications and training.
  • Re-invented the newsletter for clients to learn more about the company and product releases.
  • Coordinated new product roll out and release strategy for SaaS.
  • Implemented positive psychology training for staff and turned around sales and support.
  • Scripted, designed and produced animated videos with voice over.
  • Established KPIs based on big data to grow client revenue locking in contract renewals.

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