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HONORING OUR VETERANS is a privilege and the least we can do one day a year, as many have surrendered all their days for our freedom. As I reflect and give thanks to all the men and women I know who have served our great country, I am proud and humbled to be called an American. This year our country is torn in two, split down the middle, and our right to be split has been defended by the men and women serving this country.

How Can We Ever Thank You Enough?

The movie “Hacksaw Ridge” is about the Conscientious Objector Desmond Doss (pictured above) and his desire to serve during WWII. His ability to think outside the box allowed him to find a way for him to live with his conscience and still be on the front lines, fighting to save lives. If he can find a way to help, so can we.


Hiring a Vet is a no brainer in my book. Every Vet I have ever had the honor to work with has brought discipline and a strong work ethic with them. What you get when you hire a Vet is someone who has already been trained in how to communicate effectively and to listen to instructions. You also get someone who is trained to deal with crisis without losing their head. These skills come to you free of charge when you hire a Vet and there are many times when their leadership and level headedness is exactly what is needed.


If a Veteran wants to learn a new skill, point them in the right direction and, if you can, provide the training needed for them to master that skill. In return you will have a dedicated and devoted employee that will pay you back for your investment many times over. My background is in Information Technology, an industry that is constantly changing and skills must always be updated. Veterans are well suited to help your IT division, even if they have no experience because they are adept at learning from manuals. In my industry either you RTFM or you fail. Vets also work extremely well under pressure and when an entire company is dependent on the IT infrastructure to always be up and running, it’s nice to have staff with a level head and who know how to respond in a crisis when those systems fail.


We all need to show our appreciation, not just on Veterans Day, but every day. Be sure to honor your service members at work and let their co-workers know about the service these people have given our country. Many times people are unaware that they are working with a Veteran. Give them a shout out and let everyone know that you are proud of them, today and every day.