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Create Your Training

In addition to staffing resources you will have to decide the best method for creating and delivering your training materials.  PowerPoint is an industry standard tool and most people know how to use it, however it is not free.  If you do not have Microsoft Office suite available to you there are free resources available, such as Prezi and Google Slides.  For a comprehensive list of 31 free tools check out CustomShow’s “31 Presentation Software & PowerPoint Alternatives for 2016”.

Remember to KISS your training, by that I mean Keep It Simple Stupid.  Don’t over complicate your task by trying tricky slide transitions and animations, unless you are already adept at these skills you will eat up time and resources.  One of your top priorities when training on a limited budget is for you to show a return on investment.  That investment includes all time spent creating the training materials.  You can and should always come back and improve your training materials over time.  But first you want some initial success with your KISS slides. 



When creating training materials add a step the standard presentation format to measure knowledge:

  • 01Tell them what they should expect to get out of the training (goals/objectives)
  • 02Tell them what they need to know (detail)
  • 03Tell them what you told them (summary)
  • 04Test them on what they learned (goals met and measured)

By creating a template for your training you will provide a guideline for your subject matter experts to use and a consistent training experience for your team.  Microsoft offers several sample training decks that you can chose from.