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Conduct Training

It is important to find a dynamic presenter for your training, subject matter experts should attend the training, but they may not be the best person to present the training.  The last thing you want is for staff to dread attending the training because of a boring or monotone presenter.  This is where borrowing people from sales may be your best option, but it must be weighed carefully against any lost business opportunities.  Schedule the training around your best presenters’ availability so as not to disrupt sales activities.  Have your presenters do a few practice runs using the materials and audio video equipment before the training.  As a trainer one of your objectives is to convey the information without the audience thinking about how you are delivering the information.  The delivery should be seamless and transparent.  What should stand out is the delivery and quality of the content.

Many times the training can be delivered once live and recorded using tools like Camtasia or GoToMeeting.  Training videos can be uploaded to a company video library on YouTube and set to be viewed only by registered users (employee only).  Recording the training is the most cost-effective solution because then it can be viewed over and over again by new or existing staff needing a refresher course.  Recording also allows the presenter to see how they present and make changes such as removing filler words like “uh” “um” etc…  Your presenters benefit from the training by polishing their own presentation skills and learning more about how the company operates.  Conducting a successful training on your product can be part of an employee training plan.  If they can successfully present the training, then they are ready to present the product to clients.