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Newsletter CreationWhile managing a client services team I found that we needed to significantly improve our outbound emails. The emails that were being sent looked unprofessional with grammatical and other errors. These emails gave the impression we were not polished and it reflected poorly on our best-of-class product line. I created a style guide for our team and strict procedures for creating, editing, approving and publishing our emails. All emails were set up via our CRM so that we could track open rates and follow up with clients when important messages were not being opened. I ran weekly reports to see which emails were getting the most traction and adjusted our subject lines and content accordingly. By creating a template and clearly defining procedures we were able to produce high-quality email marketing campaigns and conduct bi-weekly webinars which significantly improved product roll out and adoption rates.

We used online webinar services to register guests and record the webinars. We then published the links and the power point presentations for these webinars so that clients could review when they had the time and when they had new staff. The initial set up of the style guide, templates, and procedures was a small but important project. Once in place, we were able to schedule webinars 3~6 months in advance and distribute the workload to the team. Everyone was trained on the procedures and the email notifications were set up and scheduled to be sent in the future. [This had the added benefit of creating a training library for new employees and new clients.]

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Marketing material gets dated very quickly so I try to keep the freshest examples online. Call me if you would like to see more of my portfolio at 760.403.0469.